Twin Guest Bathroom Remodel

We were happy to execute the design and remodel of two similar guest bathrooms for our client after completing their master bathroom remodel. As our clients spent more time in these two guest bathrooms while their en suite was under construction, they realized the need for an update. Pleased with the quality and craftsmanship in phase one, phase two began.

The inspiration for the design for these two bathrooms was born of their similarities. Close in size and layout, the decision to coordinate, but not match was the starting point. One bathroom was attached to a bedroom where five energetic grandsons would spend their time and the other attached to a guest bedroom with a feminine feel. The boys bath would have a slightly  more masculine and modern feel with casual simplistic design elements. The cooler palette of grey, taupe and cream is a quiet nod to denim. In the second more feminine guest room, an antique iron bed was the inspiration toward elements like stone, wood and marble to create a luxurious spa-like feeling rich with textures.

By carefully selecting beautiful materials, Bridgette mixed functional and rich to create a wow factor without breaking the bank. Key pieces like the vanities, showers and glass highlight and elevate the design. Mixing texture, tones and hardware was the finishing touches to these light and airy bathrooms. 

Take a tour of the finished bathrooms below: