9 Design Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Living in 2019- Alameda Home and Garden Show

We are excited to once again be participating in the Alameda Home and Garden Show on February 15th, 16th, and 17th at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton! You can expect to see everything from landscaping, pools and spas to furnishings, fine art and so much more! This showcase will connect you to everything you need to create your personal paradise at home and you’re sure to walk away with abundant inspiration! WE HAVE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS TO THIS SHOW!!

In 2019 you might expect to see some of these emerging trends for interiors and outdoor living spaces:

  • Bring the outdoors in- emphasizing the relationship with humans and nature, you might see the use of natural and organic materials take a leading role. Daylight and plant life remind us of and blur the lines between walls and the nature outside. The use of custom crafted materials and millwork become important and nostalgic in our technology driven lifestyles.

  • In the kitchen- the backsplash takes center stage! A full height backsplash creates an appealing, cohesive stretch of texture from the counter to the ceiling behind floating shelves and range. Additionally, think of it as a ‘wall of art’ as it extends the surface area of your space for the illusion of more surface area.

  • Lighter wood flooring makes a comeback as homeowners desire for open, airy spaces hits stride. By reflecting more light, shades like birch, beachy white, and light oak can transform any space both casual and luxurious without sacrificing comfort.

  • Speaking of comfort, comfort gets its own category as a trend this year! From soft carpeting, to a dreamy sofa you will want to lounge on for hours- don’t skimp on the quality of these basics for a life well lived for many, many years to come!

  • Just as we are bringing the outdoors in, we are taking the comforts and conveniences of indoor living out the door! For those of us lucky enough to live in a temperate climate, outdoor living becomes highly usable living space for the entire family. Outdoor rooms offer a multi sensory experience from covered rooms for entertaining and relaxing, kitchens stocked with everything for a large family gathering or an intimate dinner with friends.

  • Here’s an unexpected and whimsical trend gaining ground in 2019- adult TREEHOUSES! Experts predict there will be a design trend toward everyone’s favorite childhood retreat- blending seamlessly with the landscape. You’ll want to hire a design build firm to execute this unique structure. For warm summer nights, autumn sunrises sipping coffee on the upper deck, the treehouse is a multipurpose space designed for relaxation.

  • Your garden as your sanctuary! While this idea isn’t new, we continue to explore the garden as a space to unwind, reflect, meditate, practice yoga or simply get away from it all. Look to intimate seating arrangements tucked away in nooks and crannies, arbors and pergolas for climbing vines, fountains, ponds and beautiful foliage to create beautiful serenity.

  • Sculptural and architectural plants will dominate this year… bold stems and leaves will make statements inside and out. Plants with foliage, color and texture can be used as accessories in addition to pots and planters. The rise in popularity for indoor houseplants can be seen outdoors too!

  • Last, and certainly not least, the staycation backyard-  A.K.A. Paradise at Home- reigns as the upgrade of choice for homeowners. Enjoying your home and outdoor space to its fullest potential, designed in a way to feel like everyday is a vacation! A study suggests the increase in remodeling activity will continue well in to 2021… So dream your favorite get away and contact us to beginning planning Paradise at your home!

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